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<3 hermosa! 

<3 hermosa! 

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BUS:STOP Krumbach places the emphasis on active cultural engagement: 7 international architecture offices design a small functional building in public space – accompanied by local partner architects, implemented by skilled local craftspeople. The aim of this project is to link design achievements of international architecture with the know-how and skills of local handcraft-based businesses in the Bregenzerwald. This is made possible by involving regional architects as a kind of mediator between “foreign” creative work and the abilities of our craftspeople. Therefore the board allocates each visiting architect a regional partner.  Projects in Krumbach, Austria.

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Didden Village (2002-2006) by MVDRV

Design Team: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries with Anet Schurink, Marc Joubert, Fokke Moerel and Ivo van Cappelleveen

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

In keeping with MVRDV’s ideas about densification over the last 20 years, the first realised building in its hometown of Rotterdam is a rooftop house extension. On top of an existing historic house and atelier, the bedrooms are positioned as separate volumes, small houses in a rooftop village, creating privacy for every member of the family. The houses are distributed in such a way that a series of plazas, streets and alleys increase the feeling of a village on top of a building. Parapet walls with windows surround the new village. Trees, tables, open-air showers and benches are added, optimizing the rooftop lifestyle. By finishing all elements with a blue poly-urethane coating a new “heaven” is formed. It creates a crown on top of the house.

The addition can be seen as a prototype for the further densification of the existing city. It adds a roof life to the city. It explores the costs for the beams, infrastructure, and extra finishes, and it ultimately aims to be lower in cost than the equivalent ground price for building.

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Single Family House by Brandt + Simon Architekten.

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